We All Love The Movie Mean Girls

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We all love the chubby endearing Damian (who turns out is actually gay, and is functioning like a total badass)

We all love the that chick with the heavy flow and wide-set vagina ( her name is Bethany, BTW).

We all love the endless supply of typical high-school personas and hilarious one-liners that Tina Fey strung together like the comical genius she is.

But in addition to all of the lovable characters (and being able to enjoy Lindsay Lohan before she went f’ing nuts), this movie actually contains depictions of accurate and applicable truths that have the capacity to enrich the way that we live our lives.

Yeah, Mean Girls has a lot more to it than you one would think.

That got deep pretty quickly, huh?

Well, read on to see what I mean!

Cady Heron’s ‘Ah-hah’ Moment

Talk about pressure.

It’s the final round of the Illinois High School Mathletes State Championship, and believe it or not, North Shore finds themselves deadlocked in a tie with those nerds from Marymount Prep.

Cady, who has been studying the back of Aaron Samuel’s head all year instead of her calculus books, gets chosen to answer the tie-breaking question. Sudden death can be real S.O.B!

In the sudden-death round, Cady has to face some troll-looking girl named Caroline Krafft (who is actually one hot-potato in real life) who, by society’s standards, ain’t the spiciest senorita at the cantina.

Shit's about to get REAL
Shit’s about to get REAL

Nonetheless, the scene progresses as a nervous Cady sizes up her competition as she approaches the podium to solve the final math question.

Then it hits her. Cady has her ‘ah-hah’ moment.

As Caroline approaches her respective podium, Cady begins tearing into her physical appearance.

You can tell in the way that she describes her that Cady is attaching emotional judgement to the attributes she notices on Miss Krafft. Initially, Cady is under the impression that the way Caroline looks has a direct correlation to her inherent worth as a person.

Cady finally catches herself and reverses her way of thinking/judging, and finally realizes that Caroline’s appearance means nothing when compared to the overall importance of the situation, and pretty much life in general.

I don’t know about you, but I was damn proud of Cady for taking the high road. You’re lying if you said you didn’t  silently threw Cady an air-fist of approval when she righted her wrongs.

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It’s More Than A Cliche

So now I know what you’re thinking. It’s that tired old cliche, you can’t judge a book by its cover, right?


It is so much more than that.

When looked at on a deeper level, you will see that using what was realized in that scene of Mean Girls can enrich an infinite amount of moments that you encounter in everyday life.

I’ll show you what I mean with a real example from your’s truly.


This Is Awful To Admit

I was driving down the highway after work.

I had just got done working 13 hours straight at the gym, and I was exhausted.

I had gotten surgery on my shoulder a few months earlier and was still in a ton of pain, so on top of being exhausted, I was also really uncomfortable. Needless to stay, I was not in the mood for any bull shit.

As I was nearing my exit, I was cut off, and I had to slam on my breaks (which felt horrendous on my shoulder). I immediately flipped on my sassy-switch, so I changed lanes and sped up.

“I’m gonna get a look at this piece of crap” I thought to myself as I drove up next to him, trying to get him to acknowledge the dirty look that I was radiating directly toward his stupid face hole.

Once I was able to peer into his car and eye him up, I let the mental degradation begin.

He was driving a beat up, rusted white pick up truck, and he just fit the mold for someone we would consider ‘trashy’.

Okay, he wasn't THIS extreme. But you get the idea.
Okay, he wasn’t THIS extreme. But you get the idea.

I immediately began to devalue him based on his looks.

I instantly came to the conclusion that he must have been stupid, poor, irresponsible, ignorant and uneducated. Yup, I concluded all of this in about 45 seconds. Because I’m a genius, and my guess is usually almost always right (right?).

And you know what? The more I judged him, the angrier I got.

Then we got off the high-way and went different directions. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Nope. Even after his truck had disappeared from sight, this guy was still deeply implanted in my head. I started cursing him out and wishing him physical harm. I was even breathing heavily. It was gross.

And then it hit me so hard that I legitimately had to pull over and stop.

I was overcome with TWO harsh realizations:

  1. I had just wasted an immeasurable amount of physical and emotional energy judging the worth and character of another human-being I had never actually met.

 2.  Life is made up of a finite amount of fleetingly precious moments, and the moments that I wasted making assumptions about that person are ones that I will never get back.

Whoa, right?

That shit is deep. But think about it.

If we changed the way we approached people and moments, we could be a lot happier overall, just like how Cady was happy when she stopped judging Caroline and started solving limits that didn’t exist.

Be Happier: People

happy dog
Yes. One day you can be as happy as this dog in socks.

We live in a world ruled by quick.

Next-day shipping beats 5-7 business days. Binge-streaming shows beats waiting for the release of weekly episodes. On-demand anything beats not-on-demand anything (you get the idea).

I have started to think that we have adopted this ‘on-demand’ approach to assigning judgement to other people simply because it is quick and convenient.

Why get to know somebody when I can quickly disregard them based on a few visual assessments in a matter of seconds?

As scary as it is to admit, this type of thinking is robbing us of potentially awesome encounters that could bring about significantly more happiness. Life is short, so why not fill it with as much enriching awesomeness as possible, right?

Think about my example from above.

I got one look at that guy and automatically made judgements about his socio-economic status (yes, I’m a sociology major who uses words like socio-economic…here’s the definition if you’re still not sure what it means from context).

Then I went a step further, and let my judgements on his socio-economic status dictate my thoughts on his inherent worth as a human being. Pretty disgusting when you think about it.

But I was so caught up in me (MY long work day, MY sore shoulder, MY ride home that was disrupted by another car) that I jumped to the most convenient conclusion in order to further perpetuate the pity-party that I was throwing for myself.

Immediately assigning judgement to a situation blinded me of the potential goodness of someone, which is a waste of finite time.

When it comes down to it, the only thing that truly matters is someone’s inherent goodness and their ability to be a compassionate and kind human being. That’s it. Seriously. -Me

Did that guy mean to cut me off? Who knows, but he definitely did not deserve to be devalued as a human because he made my drive home momentarily inconvenient.

Would me and that guy have become the best of friends had we met under different circumstances and I approached the situation with an open mind and an appreciation for the present? Maybe, maybe not.

But by jumping to conclusions about that individual that weren’t even true, I wasted a moment of my life that I could have spent embracing the actuality of that place in time.

I could have relished in the fact that I stopped in time and DID NOT smash into the back of his car.

I could have acknowledged that although I had a long day, I was on my way home from  a job that I truly loved.

I could have acknowledged the fact that I was now sitting, which felt good on my tired feet after an active day of training.

By focusing on what was actually true and present without assigning judgement, I could have salvaged that moment in time, which is important due to the fact that life is pretty short. (Ever since I lost my mom to cancer, presently embracing as many moments as possible has become a pretty big deal for me)

My Bad…

Maybe that guy drives a beat up truck because he donates most of his money to charity. Maybe that guy cut me off because he was late for a volunteering event he had committed to. Maybe he actually was a jerk.

I’ll never really know, because I disregarded him in a moment’s notice.

I screwed up, but if I had adopted the mindset of Cady from Mean Girls, I may have been able to salvage some beauty and presence from that situation. Now it is disregarded and gone forever.

What can you learn from my mistake?

Try to be present when you encounter another human being.

Try not to assign judgement based on visual cues, but instead, own the encounter by embracing its actuality and finding its inherent goodness. Appreciate the encounter for what it is, a unique opportunity to interact with another human being. This opens the door to so much in life.

So, as cheesy as it sounds, be like Cady Heron and throw the visual evidence out of the window when meeting new people or trying new things. Don’t let pre-concieved notions rob you of potential awesomeness.

Appreciate the moment for what it is; a beautifully unique chance to experience and discover something new.

Be Happier: Moments

Taking things a step further, you can also adopt this approach when it comes to encountering moments.

Don’t immediately assign value to a moment based on its appearance. Need an example?

Say it’s Monday morning. Your alarm goes off. It’s early. You’re tired. You don’t want to start another work week. You automatically dread the daily to-do list that awaits you.

Look familiar?
Look familiar?

And why?

Because it’s Monday morning, and you’ve seen Monday mornings before, and you’ve developed a judgement toward Monday mornings, so now all Monday mornings are destined to be the same.

But why?

Just because one moment happened once one way doesn’t mean that the subsequent moments following that one are doomed to repeat it, even if they do appear the same on the surface.

Let’s go back to the Monday example and approach the moment without assigning judgement.

Your alarm goes off. It’s Monday morning, but just because you have experienced a Monday morning before does not mean you have experienced THIS Monday morning before.

You appreciate the moment for its undeniable actuality (things about that moment that are universally true and real). Regardless of what you may have to do that day, there is no denying that the current moment you are in has things to be appreciated and acknowledged.

You are breathing (off to a good start!).

You look around because you have the gift of sight (you lucky duck!).

You hear birds chirping or the water running, because you were blessed with the gift of hearing (cha-ching!).

Unless you woke up and immediately began getting mauled by a tiger (didn’t that happen in Jumanji?) you have absolutely no reason to automatically disregard the day or moment as shitty simply because it is a Monday. At it’s core, all that Monday morning is is another moment filled with things to notice and appreciate, followed by subsequent moments to do exactly the same.

So, hopefully now you can see that making a distinction between how something appears and how something actually is can go a long way in helping you appreciate moments more truly.

Being present without being clouded by pre-concieved notions can help you enjoy moments more passionately because you can finally acknowledge them for their inherent goodness instead of their perceived value.  (Read that last sentence again, because it’s pretty powerful and it makes me feel smart about myself that I came up with it)

In addition to moments, this way of appreciating the actuality of something can be applied to people, places and things. Pretty much anything you encounter can be appreciated more deeply when you request yourself to actually be present when encountering it.


Why Talk About This On A Fitness Site?

Well, internet, i’m glad you asked that question!

If you read the About Me section (highly recommended…), you’ll see that this whole site is dedicated to giving hard-working people information that can enhance their ability to enjoy life.

Yes, utilizing fitness to your bust your ass in order to earn a body that you will love will undoubtedly amplify the amount that you enrich your life.

Part of this will come from looking better (I think everyone deserves to be their best self every damn day), but I think the true value of training hard stems from the fact that it allows you to deepen the connection that you have with yourself.

When you embark on a journey to improve the way you look and feel, you really have to dig in and summon all of your inner-fortitude that makes you so unique and awesome. You have to embrace your inner-strength and your inner-resiliency and your inner-badass while simultaneously silencing your inner-doubt and your inner-wuss.

This allows you to further sync up your body with your mind. Which makes awesome things happen.

Forget lightly stepping out of your comfort zone.

Real growth, real progress, real self-actualization comes when you fuckin’ LEAP out of your comfort zone and embrace the newness and the uncomfortability of what you encounter. That’s really when you start to learn what you are inherently made out of.

Odds are, inside you’re already a total badass with the ability to conquer new things in order to embrace all of the potential awesomeness that they can bring to your life. But if you never get the chance to release your inner-badass onto the world, you are robbing yourself of so much of the stuff that makes life so zesty and fun and passionate.

I am a firm believer that progressing the way you look and feel by trying new things and busting your ass will help you strengthen the deep bond that you have with yourself. And being in sync with yourself will increase your ability to stand firmly and knowingly in place and time.

When your bond with yourself is strong and you are comfortable in your own-skin (EVEN when you are physically or socially uncomfortable) you are able to embrace and enjoy moments more thoroughly without assigning external judgement to them. And since life is only made up of moments just waiting to be acknowledged and enjoyed, you are able to waste less of your life and enjoy the inherent goodness of your day on a deeper and consistent level.


So, how did an article about Mean Girls spiral out into an article about improving your inner and outer strength in order to allow you to enjoy life more thoroughly?


I basically went on this entire rant to let you know one thing. I created PrimeFit Performance to help hard-working people enjoy life more thoroughly through fitness and training.

Fitness gives you a way to bust your ass while strengthening the connection that you have with yourself, which will allow you to have a better sense of who you are and where you are in life throughout your day.

Moment by moment, fitness can help you embrace the actuality of each minute.

If You Think I’m Full Of Shit…

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Either way, find a way to utilize fitness to enrich your life. You won’t regret it.


Also, please share this article with the world, because I want as many people as possible to hear this message (the Share buttons are one click away ↓↓).

So, if you find yourself taking the words from this article to heart and discover you are embracing and enjoying moments more thoroughly without letting pre-concieved judgements ruin your ability to be present, do not thank me.

Thank Cady Heron, the brave little African red-head from Northshore High School who won all of our hearts by bringing peace and acceptance to a small town in suburban Chicago.

Please Click ‘Share’. Make The World More ‘Awesome’. ↓↓

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