Alright you filthy animals, this is part 3 of my 4 part series, Operation: Expose Your Abs. If you have been following everything we covered from Part 1 and Part 2, then by now you should be well on your way to developing a sweet lean physique and a set of abs that you are so proud of … Continued

  This Week’s Tweak: Tempo Tricep Kickback Why It’s Better: The modified version of the tricep kickback adds more time under tension to the exercise. Like I mentioned in the video, time under tension is needed to force a muscle to grow because it helps promote small little breakdowns in the muscle tissue that our body … Continued

Operation: Expose Your Abs Part {2/4} Welcome back my sweet friends. This is part two of your journey to actually getting a set of awesome abs that people can see (and admire, and gawk at, and try to take pictures of when you’re not looking). If you’re as lame as Topanga’s parents from Boy Meets … Continued

How Do I Get Abs? It is a question that dates back to the Stone Age, when the first caveman and cavewoman asked their cave personal trainer what the best thing was to do in order to develop a chiseled mid section. And although they were hoping to hear something quick and simple like “do more … Continued

By: Julian Rosen, CSCS, CPT   It’s time to get delicious! I work with this guy named Buck (his real name is Alex but he thinks Buck makes him sound more suave and mysterious) and he keeps me up to date with some healthy recipes that he uses with his clients from the CrossFit world. … Continued