First Things First If you are on any kind of quest to improve your health and body through working out, then proper nutrition is crucial to making sure you are kicking ass during your workouts and achieving the best results as humanly possible from all of your hard work. Fueling yourself properly is going to help … Continued

Everyone loves pancakes. They’re great to eat for breakfast before work, they’re awesome on a lazy Sunday, and they have magical healing powers to help you nurse a hangover. The only downside of these delicious fluffy pastry pillows is that they are high in carbs, and if you are trying to get a sweet body/ … Continued

Happy Hour…Such A Magical Time Happy hour can be a pretty fun time. We all love watching our co-workers get a couple drinks in them, allowing them to effectively begin smack-talking everyone in the office. If you are trying to lose fat and be healthy, however, happy hour can sabotage your fitness efforts if you … Continued

Tweak Of The Week: Alternate Lift Push Up   Why It’s Better:   A Spin off of the classic push up to make it more effective. The alternate lift push up forces the core, the glutes (butt) and the shoulder to work harder, turning the push up into a full body exercise.  By forcing your … Continued