A Tribute To Booze Oh alcohol. How we love you. From our high-school days (or middle school if you’re a real bad-ass) of stealing you from our parents’ liquor cabinets to our grown up days of adding you to orange juice so that we don’t feel as bad about ourselves when we start drinking at … Continued

5 Mother’s Days Without A Mom…   My mom passed away 1618 days ago (but who’s counting, right!? LOL), and this upcoming Sunday will be my 5th Mother’s Day without her.   And typically I hate getting all the emails from flowers.com and edible arrangements reminding me to send my mom something special on Sunday.   … Continued

His Body Was Nuts! Last week I was watching the movie ‘Deadpool’. Although the quality was a bit shaky because I had purchased it from a shady bootlegger in the alleyway behind a pizza place in Baltimore (not kidding), the movie itself  was great. I was in the middle of enjoying Ryan Reynolds’ snarky sarcasm … Continued

Here’s The Deal. Truly effective exercises are hard to come by. What exercises build muscle? What exercises actually help burn fat? What exercises just make you and I look like an ass hole? With so much fitness-craziness flying around the interwebz, it’s not all that easy to know which exercises actually work. Life is too short … Continued

Here’s a delicious recipe from my crossfit friend, Buck. He’s super excited because he finally grew a man-bun, so in celebration he shared with me an amazeballs recipe for healthy, protein packed chicken to help you get mean and lean while fueling your workouts. Give it a go. Let me know what you think.   … Continued