Hi! I’m Julian 

And Welcome To The PrimeFit Center For People That Can’t Exercise Good And Wanna Learn How To Do Other Fitness Stuff Good Too (if you got that Zoolander reference, you will be right at home here).


If you are fed up with the fitness industry wasting your time and crushing your soul, then you’re in the right place.


If this has ever happened to you, you’ll know what I mean:

  • You go online to google how to burn fat and finally see your abs, only to find 100 different articles saying 100 different things, leaving you so confused and frustrated that you wanted to punch your computer in the face?


  • You walk into the gym, and without knowing EXACTLY what to do, you try to piece together a workout on the fly based on things you’ve seen and heard from other people, only to end up wasting time wandering around looking like a weirdo?


  • At any given moment you can close your eyes and picture precisely that lean, strong badass body you want and deserve, but when you look in the mirror, what you see staring back at you seems a million miles away from what you actually want…and you have no clue how to change it?



It’s the absolute worst, right?


Well call me old fashioned, but if you are willing to work hard, then you deserve amazing results.


And after a decade in the performance coaching and fitness industry, I have sifted through the bull-shit to figure out what really works and what’s a total waste of time.


And in the process, I have discovered the EXACT steps and strategies that produce body-transforming results.


And that’s why I created PrimeFit Performance. To give you straight-forward and effective fitness information that you can actually use to build muscle, burn fat and finally unleash your inner-badass (energy, confidence, charisma, passion, your unique edge).


So instead of wracking your brain and wandering the internet trying to figure out HOW to achieve that ripped body and insane six-pack, I will deliver all of that information directly to your inbox on a silver platter.


Imagine how awesome it will be:

  • Stepping out of the shower and having your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other glance over, thinking to themselves ‘dayummmm he looks good”


  • Never wasting time wandering around the gym because you’ll know exactly what to do to strip the fat away from your stomach while sculpting lean muscle


  • Waking up every day in a body you love to see in the mirror, feeling confident, energetic and ready-for-action


If that sounds good to you, then breath a big sigh of relief, because I am going to give you everything you need to turn your hard work into results that you can touch, see and feel.


If you’re ready to make that happen, here’s what you do next.


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Let’s do this: